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Wellness for the Body & Mind 


 This is a space where you can express yourself freely with your body and mind. We believe psychological health is directly related to the health of the body and vice versa. During your practice we want you to have a deep personal experience to improve your PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and MENTAL WELLBEING. But most importantly,the connection with yourself. 



First of all, it's important to note, that Integrative Psychology is different than a regular psychotherapy session. The main difference is that it offers an PERSONALIZED approach, where the focus is not only on the MIND but also on the BODY, in order to gain understanding of what’s happening in the present moment. We create a unique atmosphere for each individual, to help gain a deeper and meaningful understading of themselves.


Integrative Psychology is a therapeutic method that helps people achieve physical and psychological wellbeing. It takes as its principal tool meticulous introspection and its main goal inner transformation.


We use meditation, Hatha yoga and neuroscientific knowledge as some of the tools to instigate the motivation in you, of taking care of yourself from the inside in ways that anybody, not even medicine can do for you. It’s an invitation for you to explore the state of your mind and body, and be aware of the relationship that it has with your environment.  

The most important values that we work with are compassion, awareness, clarity, trust and non-attachment.

Personalized yoga classes online

"Yoga Is Nothing But Practical Psychology"



An individual one hour session to include yoga, meditation and clinical observation.

1 hour



An 8 week program of one to one Mind & Body Wellness  sessions the include yoga, meditation and clinical observation.

8 hours



Try our initial consultation to see how the Mind & Body Wellness sessions can benefit you.

1 hour


One-to-one yoga sessions

 Online,  in-person and biligual sessions

Be you, feel like yourself and know you, find the light you have within and share it with others.

After years of experience as a clinical psychologist and as a mother of two kids, I came to realize and truly experience how important is to take care of both your BODY and MIND. Sometimes it sounds so obvious, but it doesn't come as easy. We invite you to take another step to know you better. 

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