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About Piti Mane Yoga

Alejandra Piquer 

This is a space where you can take care of yourself and know you better. We believe that a personalized practice can help you achieve this.



My name is Alejandra Piquer and I strongly believe bringing a personalized experience to each individual in every session can better lead to a space of INNER TRANSFORMATION.


I am a Spanish Licensed Clinical Psychologist (MFT) with a focus in systemic therapy and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). I earned my Masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy at Notre Dame de Namur University. I taught yoga, both in English and Spanish, in Davis (California), where I gained my yoga teacher certificate.


I have lived in Valencia, Spain since September 2020, and I continue to teach yoga via Zoom internationally. I have always been extremely passionate about helping individuals CONNECT with their EMOTIONS and their most AUTHENTIC SELF.

 I want you to have an EXPERIENCE with YOURSELF, one that will help you reconnect with whatever you are looking for.

I grew up in a small town outside Valencia city. Since I graduated from the university in Valencia, I left the city to explore other places. Rather than for work, I’ve moved because of my curiosity of the unknown and especially for love.


In every place I’ve lived, and through all the experiences I've had with other people, I’ve found and known a part of myself that I wasn’t aware existed, and that gave me a huge sense of strength and liberation.


When my second child was born in California, was when I had my “yoga” moment. I realized, and it was mostly because of my husband’s help, that taking care of two kids without a big support system, that I was going to need a lot of internal strength.


I have always been interested in philosophy, psychology and yoga, and I've practice for years. But, three months after she was born, was when I started yoga teacher training, and I discovered how important it is to be aware of the connection between our body and mind, to find balance in our life.

During my academic work, I focused on gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding about STRESS, ANXIETY and EMOTIONAL REGULATION.

I collaborated in the developing of a systemic evidence-based model for families in poverty and at high risk of emotional distress, as part of a research project at Brooklyn Community Services; which was in partnership with the Minuchin Center for the Family and McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research.

I worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Psychotherapy and Emotional Research Laboratory at Boston University, where I co-authored a book chapter on “Social Anxiety Disorder” for publication in the "The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders", edited by Paul Emmelkamp and Thomas Ehring.

Dealing with our emotions, and ultimately with ourselves, can be the most challenging aspect of our life. Working with highly emotionally distressed teenagers in Granada (Spain) really taught me, that one of the most important steps towards WELLBEING is to CONNECT and ACCEPT ONESELF.

Personalized yoga experience


Piti Mane is a phrase that at first doesn’t have any meaning other than the one you give to it. My oldest daughter was very good at making herself understood when she was a year old, but there was only one thing that we couldn’t understand at all, and this was Piti Mane.


She would say it every day, use it like adults use “okay” or “hello” and what we came to understand is that saying it was a relief for her. With this phrase, she could express herself in her own unique way, without the limitations that adult words could impose on her expressiveness. So Piti Mane came from the idea that your OWN EXPERIENCE is as valid as any other and you can find relief and growth, if you express it as it is and know how it relates with yourself and your environment.

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